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Pulchritude is a continuation of Randolph's adventure from "The Demon". The download will contain the story and bonus artwork.


released December 21, 2012


Chapter 1 - King of Oblivion
The universe was silent and still. Light years away, stars from distant galaxies sparkled in the darkness. The tranquility was broken by a loud explosion and the recently empty space was filled with trees, rocks, other debris and all of the inhabitants of Stars World. Teddy bears flew like projectiles through space in various directions. Some screaming, some crying while others were flying through the air while quietly in shock.
Randolph opened his eyes as he felt cold all around him. To his horror he saw his beautiful Stars World flying around him. Fellow citizens were grasping in the air as they flew away from their homeland. Randolph was mortified as he realized it was because of himself. His inability to control the demon inside of him caused this destruction. Randolph had to close his eyes as tears streamed out. Through his closed eyes, he sees the maple leaves fluttering above him, smells the grass singing to him and feels her paw in his. The moment was perfect before she held him closer and told him she was finished with Randolph. The demon had used Randolph’s heart ache to control him and Droopy was born into existence.
Beauty and love destroyed an entire world, thought Randolph. How could it be so powerful, cause this much destruction? Randolph wiped his paw across his face, drying it. Well with Stars World destroyed what will happen to all of the survivors. Randolph did not know if the guilt or heartache hurt worse.

Chapter 2 - Nuru The Tree

Randolph flies to a far reaching rock where he is able to stop and contemplate where he is. The rock was not as large as a planet but much larger than the biggest island in Stars World. It was comfortable with two suns to warm the beaches by the water. There is a beautiful mountain with a large valley on the other side. He notices that there is only one tree amongst all of the bushes on this island type rock. Walking towards the tree he starts to notice the beauty of this tree. The tree was large with many flowing branches full of leaves that made a slight humming sound when the wind blew through. It was a color that Randolph had never seen in a tree before. In fact, this tree was more beautiful than any women he had ever seen. He feels Droopy deep inside him tremble with hatred for this tree.
“How could you still love beautiful things?” Droopy growls inside Randolphs mind. Randolph pushes through the thought and stares at the lovely tree that seemed to invite him towards her. He steps forward and hugs her trunk and Randolph smelled the most delicate dessert. The tree was perfect in every way and at that moment Randolph decided he loved it.
“Hello Randolph.” Randolph jumped back in surprise and notice that the tree had eyes and a mouth and was smiling at him. “My name is Nuru and I have had a vision of you Randolph. I know what you did and I know how much pain you are in. I want to fix your pain Randolph.”
“How?” squeaked Randolph, still in shock that the tree was talking to him.
“If you care and tend to my needs I will care and tend to yours Randolph. You need to right your wrongs and help the remaining survivors in the universe.”
“How will I do this Nuru?” Randolph would do anything she asked, despite the growl from Droopy inside.
“Bring them to this paradise and build a new place for them to live. It will help mend some wounds. They will have everything they need here. Look into my leaves Randolph” He looked up and saw golden sunlight pouring through them and he felt the anguish and fury inside him dissipate and he could no longer feel Droopy inside.
“I have lightning in my soul Randolph and that lightning will take the thunder from you and help you heal.” Randolph felt like he could do anything and love everyone. It was freeing and he was ready to go find the survivors.

Chapter 3 - Monstrosity

Nuru asked Randolph if he could tell her his pain so he begins the tale. He told her of his past. His parents were always unhappy and they neglected Randolph because of drugs. The feeling of being alone and trapped for so many years. He met the love of his life that took all that pain and helped to heal him. No matter how much she had loved him, however, he was never completely healed and so she left him. This tore open his wounds so he left to Stars World to try and start over. He knew he had been running away but he did not know what else he could do. He was always afraid people would see through his happiness and call him fake. Being in the bright bustling city had helped him and then he told Nuru about seeing the most gorgeous woman who approached him, against his will. He did not want to be hurt again but how could he turn down this love? Sure enough he fell for her stormy purple eyes.
Randolph’s heart started to hurt as he started to recall the day at the park under the maple tree. Nuru reassured him as her leaves brushed lightly against his back. Randolph just could not understand how he could feel that way for her but she did not feel it back. He told her about huddling away and trying to contain his sadness and rage. Nuru told him she understood how holding back his feelings turned into the hurricane of destruction on Stars World. Randolph told her about Droopy and how he ate the warheads that imploded the world and how happy it had made Droopy. Nuru shushed him and soothed Randolph into sleep under the golden sunshine through her leaves.

Chapter 4 - Deceiving Nothingness
"If you keep your head high, keep up your stride and look to the brighter side... you can have a good life" she said. "Wipe that frown off your face and stop doubting yourself, I know what you have done and I forgive you. I know what it's like to have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Have no fear, I'm here to help you and we will push through together. I will be there for you as long as you will be there for me." Randolph agrees and they begin the process of fighting back against Droopy. Randolph stays on the bright side and starts to love being with Nuru and starts to build a sanctuary for the survivors. The two of them work hard and together they realize it is time to look for them scattered across the stars.

Chapter 5 - Blazing Fury
Randolph starts to go out in a rocket ship that he built with Nuru’s magical help. He is afraid the survivors will know he is the one who caused all of their suffering. Nuru calms him and reminds him that by helping them it will help himself. He can finally get away from the pain in his heart. Randolph is confident he can improve the souls he destroyed. Whenever he found a survivor they were skeptical but after a while they trusted him and he brought them to the Rock in middle of the universe. Everyone did love the sanctuary Randolph had built but they were so sad and Randolph felt as if he needed to inspire them. He tells them all they will laugh again and the sun will shine beautifully for them and the destruction and fear is gone now. His talks seem to help everyone and he watched happily as they started farms and started raising families all around him. Randolph becomes known as a hero with the biggest heart anyone has ever known. All the citizens of the newly titled city, Nuru Nation would seek his council and wisdom. He was known to be sitting under the branches of a pink tree with sun always shining through the leaves and he loved every single soul.

Chapter 6 - Better Days
One day, Randolph was surveying the sanctuary from a top the mountain and he could not help but smile. Better days have finally come. Randolph had overcome his demons and helped others overcome theirs. As he thought about the beauty, dark thoughts started to swirl around in his head. He had not thought about this pain in so long. All of a sudden they were back and they were stronger than ever. Randolph grasped his heart and started to weep. He could not let Nuru see him suffer like this. He tells himself how delusional he has been at all the fake happiness around him. He snaps out of it for a second and tells himself better days will come. He feels a tremble inside of him but then he snaps out of it again. "The past is the past, I can't change that. I need to forgive and forget, I am not going back to that... Better days are on their way" he says to himself. The negative thoughts will not leave him alone. He starts to bring himself down further and further into the abyss of his emotions. He feels like he wants to die and as he steps back his foot catches a rock and tumbles off the mountain into a little ravine. Landing a few feet down, he rolls over on his back to looks at the clouds moving across the sky. Realizing he is crazy, "What would life be like as a zombie?" he thinks to himself in a daze. "Better days have found their way..." Randolph begins to drift into his mind.

Chapter 7 - Color of Dirt
Nuru realizes there is something wrong with Randoph immediately. She asks Randolph is everything is ok and she can tell he is lying as he nods “yes.” He tells her he is hungry and that he does not want to talk to her. In fact he exclaims, he doesn’t want to see her ever again. Nuru cannot handle this anguish. She transforms herself into a beautiful woman that causes Randolph’s mouth to drop. She is lovely and shinning pink and purple hues. Droopy starts to scream inside Randolph’s head, “we don’t need her, she is not beautiful. She is red and evil!” Randoph grabs his head and yells at Droopy to leave him alone. Droopy just starts to laugh manically. “You will never be rid of me Randolph, never! You will never be able to feel happiness.” Randolph Screams that is not true but he looks up at Nuru who has her arms outstretched towards him. He sees golden light shine from her hair and before his eyes she turns into the maple tree from Stars World. Nuru starts to scream and yells for Droopy not to hurt her. Randolph watches in horror as the maple tree is ripped from its roots and thrown into space by Droopy.
Randolph runs and runs into a doctor’s office and starts to demand drugs. He needed them to suppress Droopy. Randolph doesn’t realize that this will not suppress him but on enable him more. Randolph screams and tells Droopy to leave him alone but Droopy just laughs and takes the medication. “You are my drone Randolph and soon I will be rid of you as well. You are insane Randoph and I will be able to do much more good than you can ever accomplish.” Droopy laughs as smoke starts to fill Randolph’s vision and he sleepily opens his eyes. He stares at the moon and tries to gather where he is. He was still in the small ravine on the mountain top. He must have hit his head on the fall. Thank god it was a dream he thought as he ran down the mountain towards Nuru to make sure she was truly safe still.
When Randolph sees his beautiful tree rooted where she always has been he felt tears of joy come to his eyes. “I felt your pain and it was so great that I thought I had lost you!” Nuru said as he grabbed her trunk and smiled. Her leaves brushed his back and shushed him.
“You must have been dreaming dear Randoph. Is everything alright?” She asked lovingly. Randolph looks up at Nuru and realizes what his dream was telling him.
“No Nuru, I’m not ok. I must kill myself, to save your soul.” He told her and watched her face turn to shock.
Chapter 8 - Tough Decisions
As Randolph regains composure, he also regains his rage. He hates Droopy to the bottom of his core. His whole body is swarming with what feels like angry wasps ready to sting. He keeps pacing, trying to figure out what he should do. Nothing he can ever do will get rid of the demon. Nuru is so upset with what Randolph had told her but he knew it was the only way to save Nuru and all the inhabitants of Nuru Nation. He tells her that they both know what the demon can do and recently it's been talking to him. Killing himself will get rid of Droopy once and for all and he was willing to sacrifice himself to guarantee Nuru’s safety. She asks him if he could just leave for a little while and deal with Droopy far away from all Randolph loved. Randolph realized that she does not understand the demon's capabilities. "It will crush all of your dreams and all of mine" Randolph tries to explain.
"Shut your mouth! We will find a way how... This I vow..." cries Nuru. Randolph tries to comfort her but she yells "No goodbye! You're still that bear I have always known."
"No matter how hard I try... I'm still that demon deep inside. Don't think of it as suicide, it's more like self sacrifice..." Randolph kept mumbling excuses while Nuru kept crying "Don't go... Don't go... Please don't go..."
"I have to Nuru... It's for the best because I love you..." says Randolph.

Chapter 9 - Like Never Before
Even as he tried to make Nuru understand he could feel the demon inside him relishing Nuru’s pain. Droopy was evil and he fed on sadness and pain. Randoph knew he was getting stronger every minute. He walked into town to get a peace offering for Nuru and he was shocked to see the townsfolk acting strangely. They were acting possessed and crazy. The demon was infecting them and feeding on their woes. He was sent from the devil himself to lure souls into hell. Someone noticed Randolph and started to yell, “There he is! That’s the demon trying to control us! Get the torches and pitchforks. Let’s run him out of town!” People started to yell and scream and throw rocks at Randolph.
Many people started to run out of town and into the mountains behind the lake. Randolph’s heart started to ache as he felt the fear and hatred from his fellow people who once had loved him.
Chapter 10 - Palaver
Randolph had made up his mind. He was leaving but he had to let everyone know how much he loved them.
‘We’ve been through a lot. I brought you to this sanctuary when you had nowhere else to go. I let you cry on my shoulder and I gave you as much comfort as I could. I am sorry that I have hurt any of you and know that I have a demon inside of me. I will take this demon far away and get rid of him once and for all. “ Randolph took a deep breath, “ I am the demon that destroyed Stars World.” He shuddered at the gasps he heard from the crowd. “I ruined your lives once and I could do it again but, I don't want to. The demon takes control sometimes and I don't know what I'm saying or doing. I just get lost and fall into an abyss. I fear one day I won't be able to crawl out of that hole and the demon will have complete control. It looks like the only way I can save you is if I say goodbye.” He felt relieved to get that off his chest. "I don't want to see your sad faces, even when we've hit dire straits. Look up into the gleaming rays that keep shining on you from deep space. If you should ever need me then consult this tree, her name is Nuru and she will help you.” He said. "The demon says he hates beauty but beauty will prevail forever.” The crowd was silent but understanding. Randolph left to say goodbye to Nuru one last time.
Chapter 11 - Soarin'
Randolph swallows his fear because he knows the secret that he must now tell Nuru. He knew he would have to tell her ever since his dream in the mountain.
“Where will you go?” asked Nuru and he approached her.
“Somewhere I can burn away my demons. The sun,” Randolph watched Nuru shift her leaves uncomfortably.
“You do not need to leave Randolph. I love you and look at everything you have created. You are a good person and I though you would never hurt me. You are hurting me by leaving.” Nuru gazed at Randolph as he took a breath.
“Nuru, I have something to tell you. You are from Stars World. I am not sure how you survived but you did not have a vision of what I had done. You were there and Droopy tore you from your roots and flung you into space. Somehow you landed here and lived. “ Nuru looked confused as Randolph told her the grave news. “Nuru, you were that lovely maple tree that we were laying under that fateful day. You saw my pain and that is why you understand. You must have lost your memory in the turmoil.” Randolph stood looking at Nuru, waiting for a response.
“I forgive you Randolph. I know who you are even if you cannot see it. You are a loving soul and you will beat your demons. I love you Randolph and thank you...” Randolph hugged Nuru and he walked away from her and climbed into his rocket ship. His paw paused over the launch button and he looked out at the city he had created. With a smile he pressed the button and the rocket roared into life and he sped away from his home towards the every brightening sun.
The End



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Super Producer Randolph New Mexico

Super Producer Randolph began to develop storylines along with this music which naturally progressed throughout his albums.
One of many unique attributes of Super Producer Randolph’s writing style is the smooth layering of sounds and textures whose base style is considered a fusion of rock and electronica. The sound is refreshing and exhilarating bringing a new form of music to the airwaves.
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Track Name: King of Oblivion
Teddy bears flyin' through space
A blown up planet, no longer in place

Demon inside, controls my mind
without reason or rhyme, lost track of time
Everlasting hate towards the one I love - (*Loved*)
Nothing but pain runnin' through these veins
It's so hurtful, to have a heart full of emptiness
I need to be alone, I need to get home
But you blew it all up plus a thousand souls

Now Look, what you did
You did this, now they're all dead

Do you understand that this is your fault
You can't keep your thoughts controlled
For all we know, your mind could be blown
But that's the truth, weather or not my brain is gone!

He's in there
Where is he?
Inside me
Behind that door
On the top floor
weather or not he wants more!

It's all in your mind
It's all in my mind
Always and all the time

You know why I'm here
Your heart is broke
That much is clear
The one who played the joke
Her name is Beauty
Now tell beauty the beast is near

You, you and I, thought we were ,oh so right
but we were, oh so very wrong
I don't think I'll make it to dawn
but life goes on
Track Name: Nuru The Tree
There's a tree, there's a tree
so beautiful more than anything

so pretty, so pure
way more than anyone could be

There's a tree, there's a tree
so beautiful, it gets him angry

The lightning in my eyes,
will steal your thunder from inside

Look into my leaves, and discover me with ease
Protection and care is all that I please
and to your surprise I won't make you leave
But you gotta do right where you have done wrong

All the other teddy bears, they won't survive long
If they don't have a place that they can call home
If it's help your lookin for, Then look no further
Let me show you my magic powers

The lightning in my eyes,
will steal your thunder from inside
And soon you'll realize
That love can make you cry

If you listen to me
And do exactly as I say
We will conquer Droopy
Some day

There's a tree, there's a tree
so beautiful more than anything

so pretty, so pure
way more than anyone could be

There's a tree, there's a tree
so beautiful, it gets him angry

So angry, so beautiful
So crazy, but methodical
Track Name: Monstrosity
You wanna know my pain? Well, I'll tell you
I'll tell you all about the reign.
If you think that you can help me?
Then I'm willing to relive it again.

One dark day in the back of the train
lookin out the window, seein where i'm gonna go
Stars world was the last and I was runnin so fast
to escape the past,tired of livin like a rat
In the sewers there's no cats.
time to get up to get out
It's hard to forget about.

Put on a fake face
Run the day with a fast pace
I was miserable
Life wasn't feasible
Then I found a nice place
Fees were reasonable

And then she came..
the most gorgeous woman that I'd ever seen
she walked by, and I stayed there
I'm not gonna lie, my heart was filled with fear (with fear)
Scared of another broken heart
My ships already had several sunken parts

she was so pretty, and I denied myself
But me, she didn't deny
she couldn't believe I was shy
As I gazed into her eyes
I saw a stormy purple night
Said "I hope I'm not a fright"

She held my hand, I held it tight
With all our might, at least we tried
We were always together
until we said to each other
that night
"I thought we were right"

So she left me
I didn't know what to do
She just walked away
left me hangin with nothin to say

I got depressed, cardiac arrest
something in my chest, it wouldn't let me rest
look at me I'm changing, look at me I'm praying
The horns are growing and the demon won't stay in!

You better run! You better run!
You better run! This won't be fun...

You better run! You better run!
You better run! He's got a gun...

All of this for a girl?
she threw me out like I was some cheap thrill
I couldn't hold back the monster
and they couldn't keep their gun in their holster

They tried to kill me
but they could not succeed
hairy situations, nuclear weapons
They aimed them at me.
and said "I was not meant to be..."

The demon laughed with no pity
and said "this is only the beginning"
All bombs were fired
as Droopy engulfed them with fire
He swallowed them like pills
and he blew up the hills
Teddy bears flew
The demon survived too.

(Deep breath sigh)
Track Name: Deceiving Nothingness
Ha ha ha...So you wanna deceive nothingness?

(If you're willing to teach?)

You can do it if you try
(I'll try)
just look to the light
and keep your stride
you can have a good life
(Good life)
Just keep your head high
and look to the sky
(and look to the sky)
Stay positive, don't let the sad drug in now
(I won't)
Bad thoughts, rotting knots
(Bad thoughts) (Rotting knots)
Let them float away and drown
(and drown)
Sit down, we have a lot to talk about
Good thoughts, polka dots
(Good thoughts) (polka dots)
Let them find a way to your town
Don't frown, don't doubt
(Don't frown) (Don't doubt)
Calm down, you'll come around
(I'll come around)

I forgive you, for all that you have done
and I know, oh I know that you mean well
(you know?)
and I know, oh oh oh I know, how it feels
(You know?) (it feels)
to have the weight, of the world, on your shoulders
(Have the weight) (of the world) (on your shoulders)
When you're, the only one, it weighs a ton
But you know what? I will help you out,
to lift your spirits up, up to the sun
And we will create, a brand new place
You know it's not a race, just put on a smiling face
We will get through fray, we will build a better day
where everyone can play
where everyone can play
where everyone can stay

I, know what it's like, to be alone, out to be thrown
(what's it like?) (be alone?) (oh no...)
I will be there for you
as long as you will be there for me
Be there for me
(I'll be there for you)
(That's the truth, no sleuth)
It's time to fight, it's time to fight
(It's time to fight) (It's time to fight)
Just remember what I've taught
(I'll remember)
I am your entourage
(round of applause)
now show me what you've got
(I will)
now show me what you've got
(I will)
now show me what you've got
(I will)
show me what you've got

You can do it if you try
(I'll try)
just look to the light
and keep up the stride
(and keep up the stride)
you can have a good life
(a good life)
Just keep your head high
(head high)
and look to the sky
(and look to the sky)
and into the light
(and into the light)
Track Name: Blazing Fury
Now I know what I have done...
is amiss, so foul and erroneous
It's finally come to this
Problems we need to fix

And with some help
We can rebuild
replace what's lost
hope will refill

and I'm confident
They won't know who I am
A new way to start
Until I can part
From my old ways

Shake away the haze
Clarity is pleasure
Rarely in the desert
Please be prepared for me
not sure that this is kosher
after all, I'm only a creature, in your existance
Help me, win my exoneration
don't need your pension
for building this expansion

so in a blazing fury
I'll attempt to save survivors
Better hurry though
I've got a lot of endeavors
I'm in debt for ever!

Now I gotta find
those stuck in grime
I will be benign
Demons are resigned

Come with me
I wanna take you somewhere
Yes it's free
better yet we're almost there
Indeed you best believe I care
I'm your saviour my fellow bear

Don't look down
How now, brown cow
we magicly appear
Dry those tears
Forget those fears
Here have a beer
So sincere

now were here
Hold you dear
Let's try again
and make amens

know it's hard
to think about
you all have lost
just way too much
I'll be your gaurd
I know there's doubt
one day you'll laugh
but not enough
keep thoughts ajar
and please don't pout
Head up this path
condone this punch
That you've been dealt
Give life a chance
how bout a dance?

There's a new day waiting for you
There's a lady debating on you
There's a blue man searching for truth
and fool lookin for the fountain of youth

what about you?
It's dark tonight
But it's bright today
flowers give light
and the waters stay calm
You've got a second say
Don't let it go to waste

humpty dumpty
fix your shell up
Come on dumbo
let me hear your roarin' rumble
will burst your bubble
They'll be rubble
before I fumble

Jack be nimble
Jill don't slip
Rise to the top
don't dare stop

must you feel this way
a backdrop of grey
rustling mayple leaves
Don't fret
Happiness underway

and Years go by
still no one knows why
why would I help
why would I be the one
fix my tie, it's my only disguise
If they really knew why
kiss my demon free life good-bye... (good-bye)

In a bla-zing
Blazing fu-ry
I'll attempt to save those souls
From the unimaginable
Track Name: Better Days
The sun is shinin'
The moon is too
On top of this mountain
the breeze feels cool
This is amazin', not disputable
See what a little help can do
Maybe I'm just delusional
as usual, I'm unusual
unusable, removable

Hey, better days
are on they're way
they're here to stay

where crime, cease to exist
and crying, never persists
where lives, lift
and lies, drift

I want your love
but not the risks
I want the bliss
but not your kiss
Push comes to shove
I don't want this...
I don't want this

All alone
Daddy does coke
and mom does meth
My life's a mess
without a friend
I'm so depressed
In My head
It stays repressed

Hey snap out of it
The past is the past
It's already been done
you can't change that
No there's no love
No there's no cash
now embrace that fact
You are not going back

Hey, better days
are on they're way
they're here to stay

I didn't know
It was possible
to go so low
so low, oh no

I might as well just die
I might as well just die

I'm a zombie
I'm a zombie
I'm crazy
I'm a zombie

These are better days
they found their way
they found valet

I am not alone
I'm with my own
and I'll be damned
If I don't
eat your brain
I'll eat your brain
cause I'm insane
Track Name: Color of Dirt
Somethings out of line
He's not the same
In his eyes,
they are drained
No one is divine
but he's stuck in a bind

Hey, are you alright?

Yeah, I'm fine...

I don't believe you

I just need some food
think my logic through
and maybe, just maybe you should leave too

We don't need them
Think of it
We're already dead
We can only see red
No matter how big the pen
You can't keep me in
You can't keep me in

Everyone is so happy
I'm not sorry
I can't destroy this

Yeah? Then unball your fist

ah, sh**

I know, I need help
Below, My scalp
before he reaches it all

Everything's okay
I'm here now
Just lay down
Don't worry
We'll hurry
to get the demon out

There's nothing you can do!
My hate will be suffused through you
Try and ruse me
You'll only get more abuse
Get me more booze
Or I'll leave you more than bruised

Your mind is more than a tsunami
But none the less an excuse
to reduce the substance abuse
take this, let it diffuse
call me in the morning
But there's no warning

I feel naked as the day I was born

We need drugs galore
If you don't do, what I ask for
I'll turn you into a wild boar

Just leave me alone...

There's no time mourn, you are my drone

No, I can't do that anymore

Listen, you're in pain, I can make it go away
escape would be in vain!
and you're calling yourself sane?

What are you saying?

I'm saying you're insane
I'm saying I'm sane

I'm saying I'm sane
I'm saying you're insane
I'm saying I'm sane
I'm sayin, I'm sayin'
Ahh! where's my brain?

It's now fallen into the abyss
in the place you will reminisce
Now remember this
We will never coexist

We've been sucked into your mind

in a place that no one can find

It's so dark
Didn't realize there's not a single star
or just how stark mad it is in this amusement park
Is that...

the devil's bar
I need CPR

How can you live this way?

I didn't want dismay

Try not to obey
without delay

this is not okay

Wake up, hey wake up
thought I lost you there
You fell asleep in your chair
ha ha, why the stare?

Ha ha ha
Track Name: Tough Decisions
Hatred hotter than a burning coal
Hated more than a bully at school
Cause this follows me home
Everywhere I go
Eyes like a garden gnome
It has twice the back bone
Never been hit with a dirtier blow
Flaming arrow
straight to my ego
So scared,body feels like foam
Can't move at all, like a stone
Mouth sewed shut, can't hear a moan
Must kill myself, to save your soul

Your soul

You can't
You, You can't
Why would you do that?
You can't, say that

We know what I must do
You know I have to
Either way I will hurt you
Best stay eschew

Why is love so cruel
embrace me, tell me you will
Stay with me
Stay with me
please don't leave
You don't have to be
In quarantine

I don't think you understand its capabilities
It will crush all of your dreams
This I guarantee

There's no way out

Yes there is

There is no doubt

Deep down within

There's no way out

Take it on the chin

Keep your heart stout

Shut your mouth
We will find a way how
This I vow, This I vow

Now now, your frown I won't allow
I won't allow

No good-bye
You're still that bear
I always knew, I knew

No matter how hard I try
I'm still that demon
Deep inside
It isn't fair to you

Don't think of it as suicide
it's more like, self sacrifice
I love you, that's why i need to
be dead
It's self sacrifice
Don't think of it as suicide

It's self sacrifice
Don't think of it as suicide
Sacrifice, it's sacrifice

Don't go
Don't go
Don't go
Don't go
Don't go
Don't go

Don't go

I have to
It's for the best
Track Name: The Virus
If you weren't there
How would you understand?
For her, he had a passion
But for no ordinary woman
She was not a bear or a person
Just as much, she did love him

But Droop is not a troop
He just sits there on your stoop
Makes you look, like a dupe
Everything you had, he took
Everything you knew, he would ensue
You show him gratitude
And you, he does cut through
Resignment is overdue

Time again and again
He gets into your head
Time again and again
Things are always left unsaid

He promised you everything
Did you get anything?
Besides destruction and chaos
Or even your love loss

Didn't think so
Got you tricked like a pro
Stuck on this plateau
Why don't you just let go?

Trust me, it's not worth free
To sell your soul to the devil

I know what's wrong with me
Why don't you just admit that you're faulty?

Mr. Santa Clause, we've been naughty
Come on God, let's throw a party

That was Droopy talking
He's infectious
He's a threat
to all our wellness
If we don't get rid of him
I don't think we can swim

Cause we've all seen what it can do
Seems so serene in a different view
Grass isn't green don't misconstrue
There's no vaccine that's tried and true

I can't save you from Droopy
I cannot save you from drooping
Can you save yourself?
I don't know
And what about sleeping beauty?

Time again and again
He gets into your head
Time again and again
Things are always left unsaid

We are so scared

Don't meet your demise

Will we be spared?

Don't you dare cry

What are we to do now?

Grab your wives

What are we to do now?

Run for your lives

What are we to do now?

Don't look back

Are we under attack?

Stay on the beaten track

We can't see now

It's pitch black
Track Name: Palaver
Guess I'm on my way
But before I go there's something I need to say
Excuse me everyone
Can I have your attention?

We've been through a lot
Rough times and not
Your tears I've sought
A shoulder I've brought
Just for you to cry on
Right before I, shout

Listen I don't mean to lash out
I don't mean to be so loud
I don't mean to be that rain cloud
that follows you around

I am the demon that blew up your world
Your life, your family, your friends
Ruined, I'm sorry if it hurt
I don't wanna kick dirt
Something's wrong with my head
I don't want to cause alert
One day what kindness I have left will end
And the demon won't revert

Wanted to be the good guy
Put our differences aside
Before you ask me why
I just wanna say
good bye

I can't thank you enough
For being there when I was not
Take me out of this thrown
I just don't belong
Don't belong
I just don't belong

Hey yeah
Ah yeah

I don't wanna see your sad face
Even when we've hit dire straits
Look into the gleeming rays
That keep shinning on from deep space

Because that's where I will always be
If you should ever need me
Then consult this tree
Her name is Nuru
She will help you

Now I'm up and out of here, so far
Into the escape pod
Headed for that giant star
And I've only got one shot

We've been through so much
Hope doesn't hold a grudge
With the lightest touch
We will be a smudge

The demon says he hates beauty
But we created this
We must destroy ourselves
To infinity, right Droopy?

Now I'm up and out of here, so far
Into the escape pod
Headed for that giant star
And I've only got one shot
Track Name: Soarin'
As he tries to get into the escape pod
Nuru is still holding on

She won't let him leave
He still has secrets up his sleeves

I'm out of here
Leaving no cheer
Only the tears
I could've been there
If I wasn't so scared
But I just steer
On the open road
Ever so slow
Past all the crows
Away from skid row
Two faced hoax
Killed beautiful
And beauty was told
That there would be hope
But there is no hope
So I just cope
Blistering cold
I hate the cold
Let's go somewhere warm
So hot I can burn
All of the sorrow
Don't wanna go down
I'd rather go up
So let's go high
To the sun
To the sun
To the sun

As long as there are no woe's
Then I'm good to go
Hit the turbo

As long as there are no woe's
Then I'm good to go
Hit the turbo

I have a lot of woe's
On you I won't bestow
Because I love you so

Remember that demon dragon?
That was me
I was that captain
Remember those fallen leaves?


Me and you were there when it happened


Your memory was blackened
All because of my silly actions


Damage was not forgotten
I hope you forgive my confession

Of course

Remember I will always be there in your heart

Will you ever be back?

You know that I can't
Forgive myself for that
My mind is wack

No its not

I love you so much
But I know it's not enough

No it is too much
Don't be willing to make me happy before yourself

That's what will make me happy though
Your safety and your glow

Okay... I'll let you go
Tell my parents hello

Put my seat belt on
I lay my head back
And I started to relax
But the demon ruined that
Ripping himself apart from me
As I hit the turbo button
The atmosphere we had broken
What was he fighting for
If I already locked the door
The sun is where we're headed for
There's certain things I can't ignore
I can't take this anymore

So they flew into the sun
Never to return
They can't hurt anyone